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SuperMiata QMAX Coolant Reroute for Mazda Mx5 NA NB

SuperMiata QMAX Coolant Reroute for Mazda Mx5 NA NB

£440.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price

SuperMiata QMAX Coolant Reroute produced by 949 Racing for Mazda Mx5 NA NB

The Rolls-Royce standard of reroutes, this is hands down the best coolant reroute kit available, plus fast shipping directly from the UK!

The Qmax coolant reroute is the most effective design! Others copy, none match its performance. A must have for any Mx5 experiencing cooling issues. The only coolant reroute available that is competition proven on the worlds fastest 440whp, 8,000rpm two time Superlap Battle winning, record setting car running a whopping 30psi of turbo boost.

  • Included Parts

    Contents of QMAX Reroute kit - 100% complete kit, nothing else needed to install!

    1x           Reroute housing, Supermiata, 7075 T-6
    1x           Thermostat cover, Supermiata, 7075 T-6
    1x           Head coolant port block off plate, Supermiata, 7075 T-6
    1x           Coolant neck block off plate, Supermiata, 7075 T-6
    3x           M6 x 1 x 25mm BHCS, black oxide
    1x           1- 11/16 inch retaining ring, HO-168SS
    3x           1/8 NPT plugs, SS
    1x           Bleed screw assy Wilwood 220-0627
    1x           Worm drive hose clamp, 5/8" Breeze 9416, liner SS
    2x           Worm drive hose clamp 1.25", Breeze 9424, liner SS
    1x           3/8" NPT - 5/8" hose barb, brass
    1x           M16 x 1.5 drain plug, zinc
    1x           1.25" reinforced silicone hose, 44"
    1x           195* stainles steel high-flow thermostat (use Stant 45849 for replacements. Alternatively, use Stant 45848 if you want to run a 180* thermostat)
    1x           Sealant, Permatex 22071

    Specialty tools recommended:

    • Internal snap ring pliers
    • Metric allen keys
    • Plastic razor scraper. To remove old gasket material from head
    • Lisle 24680 funnel
  • Qmax Reroute Features


    • Internally multi axis machined and radiused to maximize coolant velocity which is key to improving cooling efficiency
    • Retain the use of your EGR pipe for emissions or CEL
    • The OEM coolant temp sensor location is retained so the wiring harness does not need to be modified
    • Spare 1/8 NPT ports are provided for aftermarket coolant temp, turbo feed or coolant pressure sensors
    • All important hardware is stainless steel to increase service life
    • High flow thermostat with same area as OEM is utilized to increase coolant velocity
    • Simple sealed adapter housing elminates gaskets and finicky, leak prone threaded fittings. ZERO LEAKS!
    • Convenient bleed port allows system bleeding with car level if you have COPS ignition
    • Intergrated thermostat housing for easy fitment and improved reliability
  • Why reroute?

    The B series engine in the Mx5 was designed for a fwd car. As with all inline 4 cyl engines, coolant entered one one end of the head and exited the other end in the fwd application. This simple path is the most efficient way to extract heat from the head. Mazda turned the engine 90° and tucked it up against the firewall. This meant moving the coolant exit to the front, the same end of the head as the inlet. This poor flow path is the primary cause for overheating which is so common in the 90-05 Mx5. This reroute has a carefully engineered low profile adapter for the back of the head to retain the original front to back coolant path. Just this one modification will significantly reduce coolant temps.

  • Block off plates

    If you plan to remove the water neck, you can use the cylinder head block off plate or use the block off plate for the OEM water neck on the front of the engine.

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