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Knock Sensor Kit Mazda Eunos Mx5 Miata BP B6

Knock Sensor Kit Mazda Eunos Mx5 Miata BP B6

£44.00 Regular Price
£38.00Sale Price

Knock Sensor Kit for : Mazda Eunos Mx5 Miata BP B6 NA/NB


This kit features a special M10~M8 Thread conversion insert, allowing any B6 or BP engine to add solid mounted block knock sensor. Supplied with a high quality Bosch sensor and GR5 Titanium bolt with a smooth shank to reduce thermal expansion providing more precise readings.


Knock sensor can help ECU with poor idle, collision detection and engine efficiency, all prolonging an engines life. This kit includes: Bosch knock sensor, Titanium fixing bolt, M10~M8 Thread conversion insert.


Bosch Sensor:

  • Linear signal over a wide frequency range.
  • Bosch limited lifetime warranty.
  • Bosch sensor supplied, requires Bosch EV1 / 2PIN JPT connector.


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