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Aston Martin DB9 / Vantage / DBS Lugs

Aston Martin DB9 / Vantage / DBS Lugs

£600.00 Regular Price
£480.00Sale Price

Aston Martin DB9 / Vantage / DBS 2017 Titanium Lug Nuts


These replacement nuts are made from ultra-lightweight Titanium GR5, 29% stronger and nearly 50% lighter than steel which results in a decreased rotational wheel mass, quicker acceleration and handling benefits in high performance applications.

Extremely high resistance to corrosion, resulting in longer lasting and better looking lugs, they feature a clean cut and gleaming polished front hex face.


Presented with microfibre cloth for protection and polishing, these beautifully machined parts make a great gift!


20x M14x2.0 Titanium Lug nuts

Designed for: Aston Martin Vantage, DB9 & DBS up to and including 2017 models.

Finish : Machine polish/ Mirror polish hex face

Material : Grade 5 6AI-4AV Titanium

Weight : ±40.3g

Tool: Hex 21mm (Deep Nylon edged socket recommened)


*Please note items are handmade, may not be perfect and have small scratches or appearances that differ from the next one.

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