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FourtyFour GR5 V2 Titanium Wheel Lug Nuts

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FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

Available in sizes 

M12 x 1.5 application: Fits Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, VW Golf MK1 etc. 

M12 x 1.25 application: Fits Subarus, Nissans / GTR, etc. 

M14 fitting with M14 to M12 conversion studs. (See our shop)






Sold in the sets of 20 or 16.

However, if you require a specified amount please email us at


The Fourtyfour V2 Lug nuts are forged from GR5 aero grade titanium. They are CNC cut and polished to perfection.

These superior lugs are lighter than steel and can handle higher stress than aluminium or steel.

Representing the highest quality in its class, and leading in automotive style.

  • Applying the finest aerospace GR5 (Ti -6Al-4V) Titanium.

  • Weighs 41g - 29% stronger and nearly 50% lighter than steel.

  • Open ended design - extended stud compatible.

  • 19mm hex head for higher torque application.

  • Multiple tools or adaptors not required.

  • Stud conversion compatable.

  • 52mm + 60° conical taper, fits most OE and aftermarket wheels.

  • Extremely high resistance to corrosion, resulting in longer lasting and better looking lugs.

  • Forged and CNC machined with ultra durable threads.

  • Quick tighten design - not knurled.

  • Hand polished & available in several finishes.

FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

​Guideline for use : V2 - GR5 Titanium lug nuts should only be tightened by hand tools with a light anti-seize application using a 19mm, deep and thin walled, nylon edge protection socket. To prevent scratches during fitting and installation, use the microfibre cloth supplied.

The polished titanium surface is considered rust-proof amongst engineering materials and is much more resistant than even the best stainless steel. The uncoated titanium surface combined with its hardness, means that there is nothing to chip away, so our lugs will look good year after year, use after use.


FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

"This made an incredible present"

FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
Free worldwide shipping!
 Enquire for trade discounts. 
FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts

Limited time only 

Set of 20
RRP £360
Set of 16
RRP £300

Free Worldwide shipping!

FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
Why Titanium

Titanium lug nuts are 29% stronger and nearly 50% lighter than steel which results in a decreased rotational wheel mass, quicker acceleration and handling benefits in high performance applications.
Titanium was chosen for its incredible yield strength (the point where the material begins to deform) which is much higher than any aluminium or widely used Chromoly steel, and at the same time weighs significantly less than any steel and only slightly more than aluminium.


“Duralumin Aluminium” or similar aircraft grade aluminium on the market should be used with caution, as it is one of the weakest materials and is often denied for track use due to its high degree of failure. When comparing these materials, it’s clear that titanium stands out with its greater strength to weight ratio, i.e. the lug is stronger even though lighter. Titanium also has a much better fatigue threshold and wears 5x less than any aluminium, so if you constantly remove your wheels for tire change, or maintenance, the ultra durable threads will last a long time!


Additionally the lower thermal expansion of titanium results in more consistant tension under heating.

Whats in the box?


Inside the solid matt black presentation box it contains 16 or 20 V2 highly engineered GR5 Titanium lugs fitted in soft foam protection.


Presented with microfibre cloth for protection and polishing, these beautifully machined parts make the FourtyFour GR5 V2 lugs a great gift!



Here at FourtyFour we are always striving for perfection and improving the quality of our products and services.


Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) tested design.


Recent advancement include; CNC engraved logo for longer lasting and higher quality appearance. 



FourtyFour lugs are now available in colours!

For solid colours: we send your set of lugs to a titanium anodising specialist in the UK where they are custom coated to a medical grade standard! Additional fee of £60.


 Burn Oxidizing: ("Spectrum Burn" Additional fee of £25 / "Gold Burn" Additional fee of £40)


Contact us for these custom orders. (slight delays apply)

FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
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FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
Klutch FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
HRE FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
OZ racing FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
BBS Wheel FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
Avante Garde Wheel FourtyFour Forged Titanium Lug Nuts
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About "Forged Fresh"

Forged fresh is our moto, Inspired by the quality, appeal, and artisan craft of traditional blacksmithing, our products made fresh using highly engineered modern forging techniques, resulting in far superior products that are stronger, lighter and more accurate.

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