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About "Forged Fresh"

Forged fresh is our moto, it essentially embodies that all our products are made to the highest qualities.

Inspired by the quality, appeal, and artisan craft of traditional blacksmithing, our products made fresh using highly engineered modern forging techniques, resulting in far superior products that are stronger, lighter and more accurate.


The forging process uses high pressure and temperature to change the non-directional grain structure of the starting material,

the material remains solid throughout the process as the forging dies change the shape. Next, CNC lathes and milling machines are used to achieve the final shape.

By making a part forged from a single piece we have eliminated any possibility of porosity. The world's leading aircraft manufacturers use one-piece forgings for superior performance in critical structural applications. FourtyFour Forged products impliment the same process.

The result is very high strength, lightweight with no porosity.















Our designs are checked with electronic (CMM) coordinate measuring machines, which uses a probe with a precise ruby tip to detect object distances, Ensuring quality precision parts before sending to your door.

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