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the forging process. 

FourtyFour Wheel Company was created in 2013 by an enthusiast and designer from the UK. FourtyFour offers a premier source for innovation in high quality designed automotive parts, FourtyFour Products are built to impress and last.
FourtyFour Forged titanium

We live in a world with a very disposable product lifecycle. Our 21st century culture of putting profit margins before product quality often encourages cheap forms of mass production. Many companies produce millions of low quality products that people feel no pride to protect. This approach does not allow for thorough quality control checks to take place; it means that materials are often chosen for their low price as opposed to their suitability and sustainability. 


In the past, some products have held their value because of their exceptional design and engineering. FourtyFour shares this ethos in design and manufacture of our products and thereby aims to uphold the user’s expectancy of quality. 

At FourtyFour, quality is paramount, and our goal is to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed through the longevity and effectiveness of every product.


Forged fresh is our motto, it essentially embodies that all our products are made to the highest qualities.


Inspired by the quality, appeal, and artisan craft of traditional blacksmithing, our products made fresh using highly engineered modern forging techniques, resulting in far superior products that are stronger, lighter and more accurate.


'FourtyFour' - is a brand name and spelt incorrectly intentionally.


We are easily reachable either via email, phone or facebook.  

We greatly appreciate our customers and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the next show or meet.  

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